Monday, May 21, 2012

How deep is that river?

Its been six months, wow. A lot has changed over this time. I'm sure to many of those who read this it is old news. I no longer live in the great state of Florida. I am in a sleepy town in North Carolina living with my Grandmother. My life is in a bit of a limbo stage and I'm not entirely sure where I'd like to be. Quarter life crisis? Maybe. New chapter? Oh yes! The reason for my move is due to my little world being shaken and stirred. Anthony is now just some guy that I used to know. His mistakes were painful and horrible and I lost some people whom I held dearly to my heart. Through it all, my bonds with my loved ones were strengthened ten fold and I fell more in love with those dear friends and MYSELF! Thus far its the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Two months ago I sold all my things, left my job, loaded up the pups, and didn't look back. I like to think of myself as this mysterious gypsy thing. (Is that a bit too whimsical?) I've learned so much about myself. Including how scared I am of the world. Needless to say I've jumped in face first... and smashed it a few times. Someone told me I was brave. That felt good to hear.

Its been 3 weeks, I'm in Connecticut currently staying with my Aunt Patty and Uncle Frank. I've explored DC and put a dent in the NYC subway system...So much so I've been asked for directions. (Go me for hiding my enduring terror of it!) This week I head to Pennsylvania to visit a dear friend and her new little cub. (Had cousin time on the NC coast and ogled at muscley Marines.)

Since the move I've learned quite a few things, which I will now list for you.

1. I've come to realize I'm more southern then I've ever given myself credit for. Once one passes the Mason Dixon Line, hot boiled peanuts are an idea so foreign you'd never expect the detail in which one must describe them. I have a forcible twang in likes of which my Grammy would be proud.

2. Starbucks isn't really that great. Yeah. 4 years of free will make one forget that.

3. I'm a real sass. I like it. I think it scares people. Oh well.

4. I'm a Polson woman through and through. Always falling in love. Always falling out of love. People, food, nature. Its beautiful. Every part of it.

5. Being alone/independent is a spectacular thing. I only answer to myself and its the only opinion that counts.

6. Smile often. Sing loudly.

7. Spontaneity is a new concept to me. Weird.

Now enjoy some travel photos. You can always follow me on Instagram @SandyGal.