Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr. Tambourine Man

Today marks the 70th birthday of Mr. Bob Dylan. I myself am a fan, still discovering the good, the bad, the awful, and the amazing. He is the soundtrack to an era gone by and yet a part of the soundtrack to my life.  He is a singer and in his lyrics a poet - a rare combination found in the likes of Lou Reed, Woody Guthrie, and Leonard Cohen. Whether you find Bob Dylan appealing is neither here nor there, his career is monumental, the nonchalance, the confidence, the work ethic. Dylan creates for Dylan, pleasing himself but, also remembering his fans, and I like that. 

Anthony and I were lucky enough to see him back in October. It was so funny to watch this little old man on stage, off in his own world. He wore a large brimmed hat adorned by a big feather. I loved catching his smirks when he heard something he liked, and watching the band members confused faces at his obvious variations in the songs. Anthony and I spent the better part of the evening imagining what it would be like to actually meet Bob Dylan. We both gathered that he would give us a nod and a smile, and walk away. Keep the mystery about him.

Happy Birthday Bob.

"When the Deal Goes Down"
(This video is beautiful)

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