Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm so excited! This weekend is big, BIG! Anthony and I are heading down to Tampa to go apartment hunting. My Mom is coming with us, so its a double whammy of excitement!
Making a home out of a new apartment is probably one of greatest perks to moving in my mind.  I'm always tweaking and changing our current place, and starting with a clean slat makes me so giddy! I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that I have a big ol' inspiration folder of just beautiful rooms. Here are some of my favorites! I don't imagine our apartment to be anything amazing architecturally speaking but I can still dream can't I?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr. Tambourine Man

Today marks the 70th birthday of Mr. Bob Dylan. I myself am a fan, still discovering the good, the bad, the awful, and the amazing. He is the soundtrack to an era gone by and yet a part of the soundtrack to my life.  He is a singer and in his lyrics a poet - a rare combination found in the likes of Lou Reed, Woody Guthrie, and Leonard Cohen. Whether you find Bob Dylan appealing is neither here nor there, his career is monumental, the nonchalance, the confidence, the work ethic. Dylan creates for Dylan, pleasing himself but, also remembering his fans, and I like that. 

Anthony and I were lucky enough to see him back in October. It was so funny to watch this little old man on stage, off in his own world. He wore a large brimmed hat adorned by a big feather. I loved catching his smirks when he heard something he liked, and watching the band members confused faces at his obvious variations in the songs. Anthony and I spent the better part of the evening imagining what it would be like to actually meet Bob Dylan. We both gathered that he would give us a nod and a smile, and walk away. Keep the mystery about him.

Happy Birthday Bob.

"When the Deal Goes Down"
(This video is beautiful)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save Our Skin

With May now in full swing it brings the unofficial start to summer, lemonade, beach time, picnics, lazy river rides! But, it also brings Melanoma Awareness Month. Although melanoma accounts for only about 4 to 5 percent of all skin cancer cases, it causes most skin cancer-related deaths. But what I feel like people don't know is that if detected and treated in its earliest stages, melanoma is often curable, which is pretty awesome! 
Ever since I was a little girl my family has done their best to teach me the importance of protecting my skin, and it became ever more evident to me when I lost my Dad to melanoma about a year and a half ago. I can't begin to explain how it feels to lose a parent, but I'm very lucky in that I have some amazing memories with him. My Dad was the most caring, hilarious, kindest man in the world and because of him I have the strength to make this post. 
Please take a look at for some tools and information about protecting yourself and others from skin cancer. It's important!
The only guy at the Grand Canyon who assumes no one else will be watching the sunset and brings his wine 


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Down where the river bends.

Arthur and Olive, dock security.

As a gift for accomplishing more than a few long years of school, Mom rented a house down on the St. Marks River for my family and friends to celebrate. Now I'll be the first to roll my eyes when someone talks about how heavenly a place is, but I can only say that I found this house to be just that. Secluded from the hustle and bustle of Tallahassee, I felt like we were the only people for miles and miles. Our days were spent lazily drifting down river in kayaks, and our nights talking to the owls. Mom made her world famous ribs, and my pal Amy, the most sinful scalloped potatoes on the planet! Olive learned to swim by stupidly leaping from the row boat and the boys seemed to jump from every tree that slightly hung over the river. Pops was there in spirit as I found myself appreciating how slowly time moved, listening to the symphony of wildlife, and constantly staring off into space, yummy drink in hand. I'll surely keep this little vacation stored in my noggin for years to come.

The River House

My brother, Gordon and his girlfriend relaxing on the dock.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 5 Favorites

 Hey there! What a week so far! I've been pretty busy but sticking to my little chalk board of goals. There has been quite a lot of brainstorming in this little head of mine for entry topics, but nothing has quite come to full fruition as of yet. So as a bit of a jumping off point I decided to take a page from some of my favorite blogs and do a Top 5 list. If you haven't noticed from my entry formats I'm a big fan of lists! Such a big fan that I carry around a pocket size moleskin only for my lists. Either way, these favorites are just things that I find inspiring, awesome, or comforting! Ok lets go!

1. Cave Explorer
My heart literally stopped and I let out a "Squeee!" when I saw these necklaces from Sadie Designs! There is something pretty magical about having your own little sparkly cave dangling from your neck. I hope to own one of these in the near future! 

2. A Clean Bedroom
A clean bedroom is a must for most people, but Anthony and I have this horrible habit of turning our room into a sea of dirty clothes. Its been two weeks, which is kinda a record for us. Regardless, I feel like waking up to a clean room every morning has really improved my overall mood for the day. I've been spending a ton of time in here too... where do you think I am right now?!?

3. Roman Holiday
One of my most beloved films is Roman Holiday, not just because its an adorable movie but because of the scenery, the adventure, and the CLOTHES! Oh the clothes! The one outfit worn by Audrey Hepburn through most of the film exudes summer for me! Its so effortless, comfy, and classy. I'll be keeping this in the back of my mind for future shopping!

4. PYT
Anytime I happen to feel down and drained after a day of work I find that my good friend Michael Jackson seems to make it all go away. There have been many nights where Anthony and I can be found dancing around the kitchen to MJ while we make dinner. So far this week MJ has been very present! 

Yes I cried when he passed away, yes I own the MJ dance grooves video game, yes I got moves, yes I  thought it would be a great idea to be MJ Zombie for Halloween (totally makes since now) and yes "Beat It" was choreographed for me.

5. Let's Dance
There was a time when dancing with Anthony was only to be done in our living room with no one around. Then with some coaxing from myself and some friends, he agreed to take ballroom dancing lessons in preparation for an up-coming wedding. I was over the moon! Anthony was firm in his excuse for never dancing, apparently his moves were so great that he just didn't want to embarrass me. He does channel James Brown at times, I'll give him that... Either way the other day this photo surfaced from the wedding of our friends Mike and Katie and I'm pretty sure that it is my all time FAVORITE photo of us... ever! 
So its not ballroom dancing, but I now have physical evidence that we dance together and this photo just puts a big smile on my face!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting to know you...

Hey there! Since this is a new blog of sorts it seems necessary to give a little howdy do, getting to know you post. I'm Sandy, I'm a twenty something girl with a love for all things vintage, good food, tiki culture, DIY time, and my family. I live in Tallahassee, Florida with my wonderful boyfriend, Anthony and our two dogs, Arthur J. Dog and Olive. That's the basics I suppose. You'll learn more about me soon enough.

Yours truly!
Anthony, you'll probably get your fair share of this guy.
Arthur and Little Olive