Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 5 Favorites

 Hey there! What a week so far! I've been pretty busy but sticking to my little chalk board of goals. There has been quite a lot of brainstorming in this little head of mine for entry topics, but nothing has quite come to full fruition as of yet. So as a bit of a jumping off point I decided to take a page from some of my favorite blogs and do a Top 5 list. If you haven't noticed from my entry formats I'm a big fan of lists! Such a big fan that I carry around a pocket size moleskin only for my lists. Either way, these favorites are just things that I find inspiring, awesome, or comforting! Ok lets go!

1. Cave Explorer
My heart literally stopped and I let out a "Squeee!" when I saw these necklaces from Sadie Designs! There is something pretty magical about having your own little sparkly cave dangling from your neck. I hope to own one of these in the near future! 

2. A Clean Bedroom
A clean bedroom is a must for most people, but Anthony and I have this horrible habit of turning our room into a sea of dirty clothes. Its been two weeks, which is kinda a record for us. Regardless, I feel like waking up to a clean room every morning has really improved my overall mood for the day. I've been spending a ton of time in here too... where do you think I am right now?!?

3. Roman Holiday
One of my most beloved films is Roman Holiday, not just because its an adorable movie but because of the scenery, the adventure, and the CLOTHES! Oh the clothes! The one outfit worn by Audrey Hepburn through most of the film exudes summer for me! Its so effortless, comfy, and classy. I'll be keeping this in the back of my mind for future shopping!

4. PYT
Anytime I happen to feel down and drained after a day of work I find that my good friend Michael Jackson seems to make it all go away. There have been many nights where Anthony and I can be found dancing around the kitchen to MJ while we make dinner. So far this week MJ has been very present! 

Yes I cried when he passed away, yes I own the MJ dance grooves video game, yes I got moves, yes I  thought it would be a great idea to be MJ Zombie for Halloween (totally makes since now) and yes "Beat It" was choreographed for me.

5. Let's Dance
There was a time when dancing with Anthony was only to be done in our living room with no one around. Then with some coaxing from myself and some friends, he agreed to take ballroom dancing lessons in preparation for an up-coming wedding. I was over the moon! Anthony was firm in his excuse for never dancing, apparently his moves were so great that he just didn't want to embarrass me. He does channel James Brown at times, I'll give him that... Either way the other day this photo surfaced from the wedding of our friends Mike and Katie and I'm pretty sure that it is my all time FAVORITE photo of us... ever! 
So its not ballroom dancing, but I now have physical evidence that we dance together and this photo just puts a big smile on my face!


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