Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Movin' and shakin'!

Moving splosion!!
Busy busy busy, hence the lack of updates. So this is the big week, moving week, after an emotionally draining few weeks its here. Our house looks like a tornado hit and slowly but surely it's all making its way into boxes. Even though this is all a pain, I'm so excited to make our new apartment into a home.
Since we started packing, it has become clear that we have a ton of junk! Which has resulted in the discovery of some strange items. Including an album by none other than Atlantis Lemuria! What's that?... You don't know Atlantis Lemuria? Well. Let me tell you... we didn't either. According to a google search it can be described as acid folk, bar rock from another dimension. ANOTHER DIMENSION! Yeah. Unfortunately the record player has already been packed away, so Atlantis Lemuria will have to wait. With baited breath no less.
Mermaid in blue jeans. Yes! Atlantis himself. Double yes!
In other news this girl got new eyeglasses!

Duke, had a birthday!
L to R: Duke, Hendrix, and Baby Olive... Arthur was far too cool for a birthday hat.
Next stop Tampa!
Be back soon!

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