Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A corner of our home.

Why hello there! Its been over a month since my last post... oops! Well, Anthony and I are all moved into our new place and are living the 9 to 5 life. Now our home isn't all put together like it should be and I blame that on plain ol' laziness, but either way our little apartment is pretty cozy.
I've started a few projects, some have crashed and burned (hand painted bedspread... bad idea) and some turned out great! Like my awesome knock off of this lamp from West Elm. I thought I was pretty clever/original for creating my own DIY for this project, but I was beat to the punch by other bloggers... numerous times at that! Check out this tutorial from CraftyNest for a way better version of how to do this project then I could offer! It was so simple and easy to do, and only set me back about $15 (I already had the light fixture.)

One of my big goals when we moved was to try and make our bedroom a bit more gender neutral. This has been pretty difficult for me considering I'm a big fan of flowers, fluffy, and all things girly. In my attempt to figure out what to do with our room I've become a big fan of sheer simplicity. Now its no gem from Design*Sponge but I feel calm and comfy in our room and that is all I could really ask for. At night the shadows the lamp creates on the wall are so magical! We will see where this goes, but for now I'm very happy with our few paintings and DIY lamp!

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