Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fancy Feet! Cap Toe DIY

When it comes to fashion I am essentially a one trick pony. My wardrobe is a variation on the same thing, I've been called a cartoon character numerous times. It's no different when it comes to shoes. Unlike most women, I don't have a shoe problem. I seek out the same shoes over and over again,  ballet flats and moccasins. Heels? Forget it. Yep.

With that said, Home-girl likes a fun pair of shoes every now and then. I've been a huge fan of all the color blocking popping up in the fashion world and today I'll share how to make your own knock-off pair of "cap toe flats."
What you'll need

  • a pair of shoes (I got a pair of flats on clearance at Old Navy for $5. I also decided to give the most disgusting pair of shoes I own, ie: my favorites, a face lift)
  •  tape
  • paints (I used what I had on hand, but I think spray paint may be your best option)
  • paint brush (if your not using spray paint)
  • ruler
  • pen/pencil

Step 1: Measure where you'd like you color to start and mark it
Step 2: Tape off the area where you will be painting, including the soles to ensure clean lines.
Step 3: Paint several coats allowing each coat to dry before painting the next (if spray painting make sure you cover the rest of the shoe to block any rouge paint)
Step 4: Once paint has dried, remove tape.

Ta-da! I imagine these may need some touching up in the future since I used acrylic paint, but they are still a thrifty way to make some happy feet!

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