Monday, June 18, 2012

In the field

Since shacking up with my Grandma she's been super excited about the prospect of having someone to help her out with landscaping the yard.  These last few days I've been in gardening land, digging, planting, fertilizing, transplanting, and re-potting. I've never been one for yard work but I will say I've enjoyed getting my hands a bit dirty.

We now own a bright pink hydrangea bush. The nursery in town gave me a lesson in hydrangea coloring. We're hoping my magic potion will do the trick for some blue blossoms next year.

Another little fun project from this weekend was inspired from these planters from Stoneface Creations. I've always loved these garden heads and decided make my own kitschy version.

During my NYC visit last month, my pal Duane and I ventured to Otto's Shrunken Head, a tiki dive in the East Village. We indulged in a few potent brews with the intent leaving with a fun new tiki friend. Since all my tiki mugs are in storage back in Florida, this guy has just been taking up space on my desk. Inspired by my favorite planters I repotted one of my succulents and gave ol' Singapore Sling a head of "hair." This is a fun idea I'll keep in mind for more of my tiki mugs in the future!

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