Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magic of Leisure

Living in the Carolinas certainly has its perks, a plethora of jobs for the willing and able is not one of them. Boo. My days are essentially spent with the adult duties of finding a paycheck and exploring the mountain in which I live.

Today got a little magical. Meadow frolicking happened. Daisy picking happened. Deep forest hiking trails happened. I also found a new pass time obsession... Mushroom hunting. Magic? Can you feel it? Huh? Huh?

Scouring the forest floor for those little colored buttons, then lining them all up in a line. Yep. Love it! Yes I may be channeling my 7 year old self.

Since I've moved I pretty much live life as if I'm in my own personal music video. That was today. A dear friend of mine told me her glimpses into my life seem "like magic." How cool is that?  

Now, just to be clear I don't by any means mean magic by ingesting my little mushroom friends. :)
Till next time.

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