Monday, June 11, 2012

Make yourself at home, cause I'm going out.

It's a known fact in my family that I have a love of dusty cluttered antique shops and coffee. Well, combine the two with inclement weather and you have the perfect day.

Sunday I was feeling a little bit of cabin fever, so even though the weather was pretty terrible I found it to be the perfect time to explore downtown Hendersonville. Now, downtown really isn't anything new to me as I've been coming and going since I can remember, but when it rains the tourists disappear! The town is quaint, the coffee divine, and I honestly think exploring during a rainstorm is the best way to enjoy the town. Most of my favorite places are in dire need of repair, the floors are usually scattered with buckets catching rain water and one can count on a soundtrack of drips and Benny Goodman.  I can't think of a better way to dig through junk!

By the end of my little outing I looked like a drowned rat, had met my caffeine quota for the day, and purchased 10 milk bottle caps. Yep. Milk bottle caps.

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